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My Approach - "Shepherding"

Crossing the bridges, walking the valleys, rising to the mountaintop, "Shepherding" is a transition-focused counseling approach developed by our founder Sarah during her decade of working with folks moving through transitions.  Shepherding is powerful personal stories backing its effectiveness.  Rooted in principles of connection, guidance, and empowerment, the Shepherding process consists of three phases:  
























The following are elements that can and will be integrated into your Shepherd process.  Please explore and reach out to us with any questions about what a Shepherding through this valley of life could look like for you as you find your way to the next mountaintop.


Enneagram and Myers-Briggs(R) Personality Type assessments help illuminate each individual's strengths and stressors.  Personality Type lays the Shepherding paths to safely move through the terrain of our current situation. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful intervention to form clear idea of your own thoughts, attitudes.

& Commitment

ACT is a values-based intervention often used effectively with clients whose thoughts and feelings seem too overpowering to engage in CBT. ACT can be especially effective for people living with ADHD.

Based Stress

The essence of mindfulness practice is to be in the nowflow, integrating present, past, and future for personal peace and stability in the chaos of life. Check out our online community Trilogy featuring our special "Still Here: Overcoming Overwhelm" private support group! 


Alignment and symmetry in our body movements help steady our emotional and improve the clarity of our thinking.  Pilates and simple walking can help regulate (calm) thinking and feelings that seem chaotic.


Now, more than ever, nutrition is a major key factor in the health and growth of not only our bodies, but of our minds and mood.


Have you often felt "out of sync" with the rhythm of life?  Have you considered if you may have some neurodiversity (brain-based difference) that becomes challenging in every day life? 


Our energy flow is foundational to everything we do in our daily lives.  The word "Reiki" literally means "divine wise life force," and Reiki (wise energy) work can be a powerful addition to counseling and therapy treatment.  Our lead counselor is licensed in Reiki I/I.and can give Reiki in sessions on request.

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