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My Approach

1. Personality Informed Strengths-Based Counseling

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, panic and more... at this unusual time in the world, we are all about on our last nerve.  With worrying about getting to get sick, managing kids in quarantine, caring for parents, dealing with financial stress, and less time and money for self-care... it all leads to stress in relationships Are all symptoms of underlying problems.  Underlying issues usually boil down to two issues:  Our connection to others and our connection to ourselves.  

The above are usually the result of low-self-esteem, poor fit with environment, feeling stuck or uninspired

Unsatifying relationships, unhealthy attachments, trust or belief in someone else, not loving or listening to ourselves, a lack of acceptance, fusing thought and feeling with self.

And what underlies both of the above - rigidity.  Inflexibilty either within the self or within a significant force in the personal ecosystem.  Some stuckness.  When we identify the rigidity, the obstacle, we can leverage strengths to build a bridge over it, work around it, or simply put it down and chart a path that leaves it behind.

Body & Spirit: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Reiki
Walk & Talk - Innovative therapy, Movement Maximizes Motivation
"Traditional" Counseling - Comfy, Cozy, Confidential 

Traditional therapy setting - what one would expect.  Private living room style one to one/one to dyad or team in cozy armchairs and rocking chair with calm lighting, soft blankets, and private conversations.

Traditional individual/Dyadic Counseling

Traditional Group Therapy

Taking the individual focus out of the fireside setting to large muscle movement with the rhthm and breathexperienc of walking/aerobic activity.  

Meet at Arlington Park for two minute stretch and off we go.  Bring your furry pal to maximize your therapeutic effect our request time with our therapy dogs Tootsie or Ace.  

Strong body leads to strong mind, better nutrition, sleep, self-esteem, oxygenation, stress reduction, time in nature.

Trilogy CIRCLE: Fitness Infused Group Support

Don't know whether to spend your money and time on therapy or fitness?  Which is it?  Group fitness or group therapy?  It's both!  Meeting at the Southgate Community center???? we meet meet, start with a mindful moment, review group guidelines, and briefly do our individual check in, then more to a 30 minute high-results, strength-building, passion-igniting dance cariod workout inspired by Zumba taught by a licensed Zumba instructor and our lead group facilitator, Sarah.  At the end group will reassemble for check out and homework, goals for the week .  

SISTER stands for Self-Image Support Team and Emotional Resource, and Super SISTERs are just that - your support team, cheering you on to achieve and break through your goals for a strong and healthy body, mind, and spirit, as you share your support and celebration of others.  SuperSISTERs takes the community of emotional and social support that is SISTER and amplifies it to nth.  

Can't make it in.  We meet virtually for Zumba and group support 3-4 times a week

Group therapy with classic mat pilates if quiet alignment more your thing


Kids classes - just 5-10 minutes and some positive affirmations. Feelings cards and sharing, 


1. Group with Zumba

2. Group with Pilates

3. Group with a walk

Caregivers & Kids (Ask about special classes for kids with ADHD) 

1. Group with zumba (10)

2. Group with kickboxing (5-10)


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