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Hello Friend -
You Are Not Alone

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MSW (2023), JD

Pre-licensed counselor*

Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator

*Counselor under clinical supervision

As a full-time counselor, student, partner, and mother of four with bonus kids, I know how challenging family life can be at times and am dedicated to helping support and strengthen families and relationships. I love to guide and teach them about their personality styles and preferences as well as their loved ones' personality types.


As a certified Myers-Briggs type instructor and consultant, I love to work with my clients one-on-one and/or in small groups to help them resolve personality and communication conflicts in the home, work, and school environments.


Often, what seems complicated is simple, and by applying straightforward Jungian-Myers-Briggs Personality Type Theory knowledge and understanding, my clients find their situations improve quickly, and for some, immediately!

Understanding each other's personalities is foundational to effective communication and satisfying relationships. Learning about one another's personality types can unlock mysteries, such as why certain activities and interactions are draining for you and yet energizing for your partner and/or child and why people approach deadlines, goal setting, and being on time differently; help decode your family's conflict triggers at home, work, and more.


This is not your grandmother's counseling; this is knowledge to empower you and your families to have successful, healthy functioning relationships for a lifetime.


I would be honored to walk beside you in this season of your life - I look forward to working with you soon!

- Sarah 

Change is a personal process fueled and founded in a strong alliance with one's counselor. You should feel your counselor truly knows you and cares about you.  I believe when we are willing to open ourselves to be flexible, to change, anything is possible.  

My approach is to connect genuinely and deeply with my clients through personality type insight, listen and learn their stories, their strengths, pain, and resilience. 

As your counselor, my role is to help focus the issues that are causing harm and stagnation, listen and support client's movement to change


Together we will create goals around those issues, provide structure and accountability to draw out their strengths, discover what they want to change, and create little ways to change that add up to major change.  

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